imagine being a kid at the orphanage in Stuart Little and some family picks a mouse over you

I would pick a mouse over me


things that should not concern u:
- the length of a woman’s skirt
- the tightness of a woman’s top
- how many people a woman has slept with

things that should concern u:
- america’s gun laws
- that u haven’t petted enough dogs today
- harry potter named a kid albus severus


please respect feminine non binary people.

please respect androgynous non binary people.

please respect masculine non binary people.

please always remember non binary people don’t have to dress in anyway to prove their gender identity to you.


Do you ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “hey stop that, that’s not nice don’t u do that”


idk i kinda dig playing basketball bc i could tell a hot guy “nice d” and he’ll just think im talking about his defensive skills but really

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